Well, hallo to you!

If you have guessed me to be the lead designer for Rachel CherĂ­e Designs, then you have guessed correctly. I have been working on doing web design on and off since 2005, but never really got serious with it until 2007 when I was faced with a couple fantastic opportunities to really try my thus far cultivated talents, which of course provided me room to grow and learn even more.

I have created websites of varying sizes, colors, structures, and purposes in Southeastern Oregon and Northern California. The services available to you on this website are fully capable of being rendered over long distances. Some of the initial setup may be a little more difficult than if we were to meet face-to-face, but we have yet to see ourselves incapable of providing web design services via email, phone calls, and development online. I have an educational background in business and a natural talent for creative and artistic display, which I have cultivated and developed over the years through classes and personal time investment. It is my top priority - especially in the earlier stages of your website's development - to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the creative venues we recommend you take for your site. I keep myself exercised in image editing and design - there are always new things to learn there, so I will never guarantee I can do absolutely anything - but I can do quite a bit. However, instead of rambling on here about what I can do, feel free to send us an email and ask about our services.

So, you're probably sitting there thinking I'm a total pencil-pushing nerd... Well, that may have some merit to it, but I do also enjoy doing unnerdly things too... The beach is one of my favorite places to go, I really want to go to Australia, ice cream is by far one of my favorite foods, I like to play video games like Halo (wait...is that nerdy?), and I don't speak JavaScript or Klingon. Also, as strange as it strikes many people, I love to write...and can hardly stand reading. In fact, I enjoy writing so much that I am working on publishing some of the manuscripts I have written.

If you would like to check out my site with said book related information on it, or even buy a copy of any of my thus far published works, you can visit rachelcherie.com.

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